Terms and conditions

Credit Card Authorization Form

Applicable to: 2021 Mini O's Camp Bronze 2021 Age Group Development Camp Silver Gold High Performance Performance Age Group Performance Scona/UofA JAG Terwillegar JAG Fountain Park/GMac JAG Scona/UofA OW Fountain Park/GMac OW1 Terwillegar OW Fountain Park/GMac OW2 Scona/UofA JOW Fountain Park/GMac JOW1 Terwillegar JOW Fountain Park/GMac JOW2 Terwillegar JOW1 Scona/UofA JD (Non-Competitive) Scona/UofA JD (Competitive) Fountain Park/GMac JD (Non-Competitive) Fountain Park JD/GMac (Competitive)

I authorize the Olympian Swim Club (OSC) to charge all fees, expenses, purchases, and fines associated with my Member(s) account to my credit card unless payment is made by cash, cheque, or OSC Member Account Credit before the payment deadline as outlined in the OSC Financial Policy.