Olympian Swim Club Staff

Lesley Serediak, Head Coach

Coach Lesley has been coaching with the Olympian Swim Club since  2010, and has since helped to reshape all areas of the OSC technical programming.  Since joining, the club has improved performances on all levels from novice to National. Her attention to focus on an IM based program has turned Olympians in to a well rounded swim club.

Lesley's ability to teach progressions have been fundamental to coach swimmer improvement. Lesley takes pride in the mentorship program that has seen the Olympian staff to grow and deliver a detailed technical program through all stages of the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) plan. 

Since becoming Head Coach, Lesley has had the privilege to be involved with several Swim Canada Select teams over the last 12 months. She was selected to take part in a technical Breastroke camp as well as a distance freestyle camp thanks to her athlete development in these aspects of the program. Lesley also was selected to be a part of the National Select Coaches sessions for the 2020/2021 season where she was able to discuss stroke progressions with the top coaches in the country. Finally, she has also had the privilege to be selected to be a part of the Women in Coaching group, which the top female coaches in our sport an opportunity to collaborate and dicuss how to continue to move women forward in our sport.

"I have been blessed to have been given the opportunity to coach amazing young athletes, including 4 Olympic Swimmers along my coaching journey!" Lesley is a Level 3 Trained coach, and looks forward to helping her staff and swimmers be the best they can be.

Fun fact: I am a huge Oilers and Blue Jays fan!! I have a great husband, two sons and two grandkids!

Contact: headcoach@olympianswimclub.com


Victoria Etheridge, Club Manager

Victoria stepped into the Club Manager role in 2020, and has since brought her wealth of knowledge and experience to Olympian Swim Club. Having coached with OSC, she is well versed in the technical aspects of the program, but her passion lies in streamlining and developing the operational components of the club. 

Fun fact: Victoria has been in the Top 1% of The Weeknd listeners on Spotify since 2013 (and this year she was in the Top 0.05%)

Contact: clubmanager@olympianswimclub.com



Baylee Munro, Head Assistant Coach

My name is Baylee Munro, and I'm excited to be a part of OSC's awesome coaching staff! I'm entering my 8th season of coaching, after my previous experiences at the Nanaimo Riptides and the Nanaimo White Rapids. Over my last two seasons as an assistant head coach of the Riptides, I developed multiple regional-level swimmers into provincial champions and first in the country for their various age groups. At the White Rapids, I was fortunate enough to coach the same group of swimmers from Grade 8 to 12, and several of those swimmers are now competing at the varsity level at schools like UVIC and UBC. My proudest coaching accomplishment is guiding a swimmer through the pandemic to their eventual qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

I'm currently enrolled in UBC's High Performance Coaching program, where I have the opportunity to learn from some amazing coaches and sport leaders on a weekly basis as I work towards my master's degree in coaching. Prior to that, I did my undergraduate degree in Computer Science (with a minor in Business) at the University of Victoria, where I also swam on the varsity team for 5 years. Although I was not the best swimmer on the team, I was a 4-time Vikes Honour Roll recipient. Before university, I swam for 7 years with the Nanaimo Riptides where I was an Age Group National finalist. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to a variety of coaching styles throughout my swimming career, which I feel gives me a balanced perspective in my own coaching. I am NCCP Level 3 Trained, and I'm also enrolled in the Advanced Coaching Diploma through Canadian Sport Institute Pacific.

As a coach, I base my training programs on the previous work of the most successful club and high-performance coaches in both the U.S. and Canada along with my own innovation. Effort and engagement are the cornerstones of my coaching philosophy. You have to be willing to use effort to get everything you want in swimming, from technique to fitness to speed. However, swimming should be an adventure, not an ordeal. It's an amazing sport that teaches you how to set and achieve personal goals. I will teach the swimmers that I work with to be relentless but respectful competitors both in and out of the pool.

Fun fact: In 2018, I was on the American television game show "Let's Make a Deal". Looking forward to an awesome season!

​​​​​​​Contact: assistantheadcoach@olympianswimclub.com


Bryner Robinson, Head Age Group Coach

Hey everybody, I am very excited to be going into the 2021-22 season as the Head Age Group Coach after starting with Olympian Swim Club in such strange circumstances that we had endured this past year.

As a competitive swimmer of 15 years, I transitioned into coaching because of the strong sense of community, friendships and support I experienced through my years of training. 

As I move into my 5th year coaching, it continues to be my desire to give back to the sport that gave me so much and I hold these as the cornerstones of the values that I strive to create and instill in my coaching approach. 

On the technical side, I am looking forward to completing my NCCP Level 2 in the very near future and as a Registered Massage Therapist, it is my priority to ensure proper body mechanics, balance in training and attention to proper recovery and self-care.

Throughout this year, the athletes I coach will learn how much I enjoy drinking coffee, indulging in anything Marvel, making movie references, and talking about my absolute disdain for sharks (with the exception of King Shark of course).

​​​​​​​Fun fact: My arms are longer than I am tall.

​​​​​​​Contact: headagegroupcoach@olympianswimclub.com

Stuart Lau, Assistant Coach

Stuart is returning to coach for his second season for the Olympian Swim Club. He brings 17 years of competitive swimming experience to the team and has been coaching for the past six years. Currently, he is a Master’s student at the University of Alberta studying neurodevelopmental disorders in children. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, doing sports outside of swimming, and hanging out with his friends.

Fun Fact: I have suffered 2 concussions from swimming.

​​​​​​​Contact: stuart@olympianswimclub.com


Satellite Coaches - Terwillegar Recreation Centre (TCRC)


Aly McNamara, TCRC Head Satellite Coach (JAG)

Aly will be returning to the Olympian Swim Club for her third year coaching JAG. Prior to her coaching career with OSC, Aly had been in the sport for nearly 17 years. She started her swimming career with OSC when she was 6 years old and competed with OSC all throughout her primary schooling, competing at both the provincial and national level. Following her high school graduation, Aly continued her swimming career as a Lion at Saint Leo University, acting as captain for three of her four years on the team. Early in her swimming career Aly established
herself as a long distance freestyler, a trend which continued straight through to her very last swim meet. During her time at Saint Leo, Aly obtained a bachelor’s degree in biomedical health science. Following her retirement from the sport of swimming, she returned to Edmonton to work towards a master’s degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta. While maintaining her involvement in the sport of swimming through coaching, she has found a new love for long distance running. She can often be found training for the next upcoming
marathon, having completed two full and one half marathon to the present date. Aly has spent majority of her life either participating in or coaching the wonderful sport of competitive swimming and is so excited to pass her love of the sport on to the next generation of athletes.

Contact: tcrcjag@olympianswimclub.com


Georgia Kidd, TCRC OW / JOW Coach

Professional Achievements: Summer club coach at HUMA, BSC in Biology from University of Toronto, Varsity swimmer

Passions/values: Swimming, running, biking learning, hard work

Personal interests: Art, putting together ikea furniture, SpongeBob

Fun fact: I know 30 digits of pi

​​​​​​​Contact: tcrcow@olympianswimclub.com

Satellite Coaches - Scona Pool (Scona)


Dylan Johns, Scona Head Satellite Coach (JAG/OW)

Dylan will be returning for his fourth season with the Olympian Swim Club as the Scona JAG and JOW coach. Early in his swimming career, Dylan swam with the Lacombe Dolphins Summer Club for 10 years, while training year round as a competitive triathlete. Dylan specialized in long distance swimming, and his favourite events as a swimmer were the 1500, 800 and 200 free. After retiring early from swimming and triathlons due to a rotator cuff injury, he took to coaching at the age of 16. The following 10 years of coaching included running a Junior Lifeguard Club, head coach of the Ponoka Gators Summer Club and Mini O's/JOW with the Olympian Swim Club. Dylan's philosophy behind coaching is based on building strong relationships with the swimmers to enable creating a strong technical basis for the swimmers to develop their stroke. Dylan has his NCCP Level 1 and is currently working on his NCCP Level 2. Aside from swimming, Dylan has a Bachelor's degree in Music, with a minor in history, and is currently enrolled in an After Degree of Secondary Education program at the University of Alberta. He is an orchestral Bass Clarinet player with the University of Alberta Wind Ensemble, and his undergraduate research is focused on modern musical traditions within north Africa. 

Fun Fact: Dylan (and the rest of his band) has won a gold medal at the World Music Conference in Malaysia. 

​​​​​​​Contact: sconajag@olympianswimclub.com


Riker Farmer, Scona JOW Coach

Riker is a full time student at the University of Alberta pursuing an undergraduate degree in Business. He swam competitively with Olympian Swim Club for 11 seasons from the ages of 7 to 17 where he competed in meets like Alberta Championships. This is his second year coaching with OSC and first year as a competitive coach and certified Level 1 NCCP coach. Riker is an avid sports fan, cheering for the Oilers of the NHL, the Patriots of the NFL, the Red Sox of the MLB and more.

Fun fact: he has 2 wiener dogs named Daisy and Duke.

Contact: sconajow@olympianswimclub.com

Satellite Coaches - Fountain Park Pool (FPP)


Agnieszka Howat, FPP Head Satellite Coach (JAG)



Marae Waldron, FPP OW Coach

Contact: fpow@olympianswimclub.com


Makayla Campbell, FPP JOW Coach

Makayla started swimming with the Olympian Swim club at the age of 5. A few years later she started swimming with the St. Albert Sailfish Swim Club. Shortly after joining the team Makayla declared herself a distance swimmer. Her favorite race being the 400 free. Makayla decided at the age of 12 she wanted to be a coach and started volunteer coaching with the St. Albert Sailfish. When she was 15 the club decided to hire her onto the coaching staff. Makayla has spent the last 3 seasons coaching with sailfish, in those 3 seasons Makayla has completed the swimming 101 course and this year plans on completing the swimming 201 course. Makayla is very excited to start her first season coaching with the Olympian Swim Club. 

Fun fact: Makayla has swam in a pool with 4 different species of sharks.

Contact: fpjow@olympianswimclub.com


Mini O's Coaches - Fountain Park Pool


Shavani Kumar

Shavani is returning for her fourth season with the Olympian Swim Club’s Mini O’s program. She started her swimming career with OSC when she was 10 years old, competing to the provincial level. Her favourite event was 200 breaststroke. After graduating high school, Shavani retired from swimming and joined the coaching team. She is currently a business student at the University of Alberta. Aside from swimming, Shavani enjoys biking, reading, cheering for the Oilers and watching Marvel movies. 

Fun Fact: Shavani has 12 first cousins that live in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Contact: shavani@olympianswimclub.com


Taryn Leverman

Taryn has been coaching with the Olympian Swim Club for three years and returning for her fourth year. Taryn swam with the club for eight years prior to becoming a coach. Her favorite stroke was always breastroke. She is a full time student at the University of Alberta taking a Bachelor of Arts and then will become an elementary school teacher! Taryn is an energetic and fun coach who is always willing to help where needed.

Fun fact: Taryn has an Australian Shepherd dog at home named Kya. 

​​​​​​​Contact: taryn@olympianswimclub.com


Oaklin Classen

Oaklin is returning for his second year of coaching in the 2021-2022 season. He had been swimming with OSC for 7 years before becoming a coach, and has plenty of experience in the water.
Oaklin is a hard working coach and is constantly willing to learn! 

Contact: oaklin@olympianswimclub.com

Mini O's Coaches - Scona Pool


Leanne Hunszinger

Leanne is in her second year at the University of Alberta pursuing a degree in Education. She swam competitively for 10 years with the Red Deer Catalina Swim Club and Silver Tide Swim Club. She then became a coach for Silver Tide Swim Club for 3 years and this is her first year as a coach for Olympian Swim Club. Leanne has been around the water her whole life and still swims on her own for fun and relaxation. She loves all things Disney - her favourite movies are Mulan and The Little Mermaid.

Fun fact: She can speak French fluently!

​​​​​​​Contact: leanne@olympianswimclub.com


Ehsan Shafaiyanfard

I’m Ehsan Shafaiyanfard, and I was born and raised in Iran, a beautiful country 10,000 km away from here. I
started swimming when I was 7, and after 13 years of professional swimming, I decided to start a new career
as a swimming coach to pass my knowledge on to others. I’ve been coaching for four years in Iran, and I’m so excited to start my journey here at Olympian Swim Club.

Fun fact: I used to wear glasses because of my poor eyesight and I couldn’t read my name and record from the scoreboard so I couldn’t understand immediately that I won the race or not.

​​​​​​​Contact: ehsan@olympianswimclub.com

Mini O's Coaches - Terwillegar 


Halee Klein

Halee is returning for her fourth season with the Olympian Swim Club. She began her swimming career in summer club and came to OSC at the age of 12. She swam competitively till she was 17 and had the opportunity to swim at multiple national meets throughout her career. She is now an undergraduate student at Grant MacEwan University.

​​​​​​​Halee hopes to share her love for swimming with the next generations.

Contact: halee@olympianswimclub.com


Ella Simmonds

I won an award for Most Valuable Swimmer in the year of 2018/2019. I’m passionate about helping others and learning new things. I enjoy reading fantasy books and volunteering at the Edmonton Humane Society. I have a whole bunch of animals, including dogs, cats, and a hedgehog.

Contact: ella@olympianswimclub.com