Mini O's Frequently Asked Questions

When does registration open?

Dec 8th at 5pm ​​​​​​​

Do current swimmers need an assessment?

Dec 8th at 5pm ​​​​​​​

When do I need to pay for the session?

At the time of registration! For more information regarding how to add a payment method. ​​​​​​

When do current swimmers find out their new level?

At the end of the season in lessons 16 through 19 swimmers will be skill tested and the coach will create a report card for them assigning them their level for the next session. You will be sent your report card prior to the 20th, which is your last lesson. At your last lesson you can then ask any questions you may have to the coach in person should you wish. ​​​​​​

Is there any fundraising necessary in Mini O's?

No. That is solely for competitive levels. ​​​​​​

Are there any competitions at the Mini O's level?

No. Mini O’s is used as a pre-competitive program used to build skills and confidence in the swimmers prior to competitions.

What is the ratio of swimmers to coaches?

  • This is the maximum number of children allowed in each group; based on availability there may be less. 

  • Bronze is 4 swimmers, one coach

  • Silver is 6 swimmers, one coach

  • Gold is 8 swimmers, one coach

What is the Winter schedule?

Schedules for each season are posted as soon as they are available. They will be put out prior to registration for the next season and updated as needed throughout the season.

Minimum age/skills necessary to join?

We require your child to be 5 years old or turning 5 at the beginning of the session. The Skills checklists can be found here:

How many seasons do we have?

  • Winter - January until March

  • Spring - April until June

  • Summer - July & August

  • Fall - September until December

How can we receive information about upcoming seasons/assessments/registrations?

We have an email list! Email: and request to be added to the mailing list.