September Training | Pool & Billing Info

September 18, 2020

Hello HP / P / Senior / PX / AGP,


Here is more information regarding general procedure and parking questions by pool:


Please keep in mind that you must complete the OSC Daily Health Checklist/Contact Tracing Log every day before practice. The link to this can be found here. You are now able to go back and “edit” your response following practice in order to complete the Time Out component.


Similar to the summer season, no spectators will be allowed inside the facility, and equipment cannot be stored. Swimmers must bring their own equipment each day including a FULL water bottle and dryland clothing including running shoes.



Entry/exit: When entering the building, athletes will enter as a group using Door 7, and will convene at the bottom of the stairs. Door 7 is located directly opposite the spray park, on the far west side of the building. When exiting, athletes will use Door 6. 

Changerooms: At this time, changerooms remain closed. Kinsmen will be reopening changerooms with the reopening on the competition (Don Smith Memorial) pool.

Parking: As normal. 



Entry/exit: The main entrance of the Van Vliet centre, opposite the SUB building will always be open for practice. Alternative entrances are not guaranteed to be open at this time. 

Changerooms: Changerooms are open, and will be how swimmers get on/off pool deck. 

Parking: The Stadium or Varsity lot are recommended at this time. We do not currently have a parking pass arranged with the university. We will update members with more information as it comes. 




Entry/exit: You must come dressed to swim, and entry must occur through the Skybox doors, straight onto pool deck. Exit can either be directly through the Skybox doors, or via the front door after using the changeroom on the way out.

Changerooms: Changerooms are only available for use after practice. Capacity is limited, and as such you may be required to wait before using them.

Parking: As normal.



Entry/exit: You must come dressed to swim, and entry must occur through the main doors of the building, and go straight onto pool deck through the changerooms. Exit has to be through the changeroom and out through the main doors of the building.

Changerooms: Changerooms are available upon entry and exit of the pool as the traffic flow will be maintained. If a swimmer is late upon the start of our booking time, they must come straight on deck and change out of their street clothes immediately.

Parking: The parking along 108th street or the metered parking out front are recommended at this time. We are working on getting a parking pass with the university at this time.

KINSMEN UPDATE: The opening of the Don Smith has been pushed back to Sept. 28 at this time. 


GRANT MACEWAN WAIVER: Anyone that stays in the building more than 15mins will need to complete a waiver. The waiver is valid for a full year. Individuals will need to date it for the first day of access until the following year (i.e. September 8, 2020 – September 8, 2021). There is an attached electronic copy that you can self-print and bring in the hard copy on your first visit. The welcome desk will also have hard copies available on-site for participants to sign when they enter. If you have minors attending, a guardian will also have to sign, but if they are in the building for less than 15 minutes, they would not need to sign one themselves.


BILLING: For September, in order to avoid randomly charging credit cards, we will be sending invoices to each family via Quickbooks so that you can pay at your convenience.