OSC 2020-2021 | Billing & Bingo FAQ

November 29, 2020

Please find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below!


Why haven’t I been billed yet? 

Both OSC and PoolQueue are growing together. OSC is currently in the process of updating all procedures, not just the ones that pertain to billing. PoolQueue (our website host) is also making continuous improvements on their end to make our lives easier. However, with all of this change comes a few growing pains that you are currently experiencing, but hold tight! We’ll take your money yet.


So, when am I going to be billed for October?

Mini O’s families, we are intending to bill you today, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020. This is for your session fee, as well as annual apparel and Swim AB registration fees. 


Competitive families, we are aiming to bill you between Oct. 3rd-10th, 2020. 

For JAG / OW / JD / JOW this is for your Swim AB registration fee, apparel fee, and first month of membership. 

For HP / P / Senior / PX / AGP this will be your October fees.


What day will I be billed monthly? (Competitive only)

Our Board of Directors gave families the opportunity to work off any owed bingos from the 2019-2020 season until the end of September. As such, any credits/fines will be applied to October fees for all competitive families, which is why there have been added delays to October billing. 


Starting November 1, 2020, billing will occur on the 1st of each month.


Don’t I have account credit/fines to pay? 

You sure do/don’t! Your credit/fine from the 2019-2020 season will be applied to your October 2020 bill.


Where do I find my invoices? 

Great question! Once logged in on our website, please click the dropdown menu below your email and head to My Account. From there, please click Billing and your invoices should be available for viewing.


I want to pay by cheque or etransfer!

Great! As we do not currently have an office, you will need to coordinate with the office via finance@olympianswimclub.com to make a payment on your account via cheque. 

When it comes to paying by etransfer, we are currently in the process of getting this set up. A How to: Pay by Etransfer is currently in the works for your convenience once this is done! 


I have paid by cheque or etransfer at this time, but it is not being reflected on my Billing page. What the heck?

Good eye! We are tracking this internally, however, the functionality to update this is currently going through an upgrade as well and will not be reflected in your account just yet. Hold tight!


I worked Bingos in September, why can’t I see them in my account yet?

All of your September bingos have been tracked in Team Unify, which is where you signed up for them originally. Once billing has been sorted for October, we will be inputting the bingos you worked in September into your new PoolQueue account. We’re aiming for mid-October! 


When will I start seeing the Bingos I did in October in my account? 

As soon as we receive the sign-in sheet, credit will be applied where credit is due! 


If you have any other burning questions, please feel free to reach out to the Olympian Swim Club office at the following email address: office@olympianswimclub.com. If multiple people happen to be asking the same question, I will update it here!