OSC 2020-2021 | Facility Walkthrough Procedure (Step 2 March Continuation)

March 7, 2021

Kinsmen Sports Centre Walkthrough Procedure:


  • All athletes are encouraged to come dressed to swim, however, the aquatic changerooms are available for use if necessary before and after practice.


  • All athletes are only allowed access to Kinsmen through door #3


  • Athletes are expected to show up 10 minutes before the start of their practice time. 


  • This time will allow athletes to walk up to door #3, call in for entry, and make their way through the field house, through the aquatic changerooms and onto the pool deck before they start their practice.


  • Athletes are expected to be at door #3 exactly 10 minutes before practice time as we want our athletes, within their own groups, be allowed access altogether after calling the number on the sign outside door #3.


  • There will be directional arrows on the floor inside the building to show athletes where they are to walk in order to avoid confusion on where to go once they are inside.


  • At the conclusion of practice, athletes are expected to wear their mask as soon as they are out of the water, grab their bags, use the aquatic changerooms very quickly, and exit through door #3 again which is the same way they entered.


  • Due to some groups having varying practice times, there is a buffer between group A and group B (of whichever groups swim that day), in order for the coach to finish coaching one group, and begin coaching another group.


University of Alberta Walkthrough Procedure:


  • All athletes are encouraged to come dressed to swim, however, the West pool Universal changeroom is available for use if necessary before and after practice.



  • Starting this Monday March 8th, the Van Vliet Complex (the building where the pools are located) will be open:
  • Monday-Friday 8:00am-8:00pm
  • Saturday/Sunday: 9:00am-4:00pm


  • These updated hours means that our athletes will have to enter and exit the facility through the main VVC doors. They will be able to enter the pools through the changeroom doors. None of our groups have training outside of these hours, meaning we will no longer need to enter through the West pool glass doors. If there is any confusion as to where we will need athletes to enter, please click on this link to see which doors you will need to enter through. 


  • Once inside the Van Vliet Complex doors from the entrance that is linked, swimmers will need to find their way to the lower level by turning to the right immediately and proceeding down the walking ramp to find their way to the EAST Pool, at this point, every swimmer who has been in the water at this facility will recognize the EAST Pool area. 


  •  Spectators are not allowed in the building or pool area at this time and athletes are not allowed to loiter in the building before or after our scheduled arrival/practice time.