Bingo Sign-Up Procedures | Updated

July 2, 2021

Attention all OSC Competitive Members:


We are writing you to explain the new procedures surrounding Bingos. As you know from our new Unified Financial Policy, your Annual Financial Commitment (AFC) can be paid down partially or completed in full through Bingos. 


Signing up for Bingos (along with other future jobs) can be done through the website using the Parents dropdown menu under Events. Please note that you will be prompted to sign in to the website when signing up. A more detailed walkthrough has been posted on the Blog component of our website. 


New policies: 

  1. In line with our updated AFC, Bingos have been given a dollar value; afternoon and evening bingos are now worth $100 towards the accounts AFC, while late-night bingos will be worth $150.
  2. In order to be credited for a bingo, your account must be used to sign-up for the job. If a family member is volunteering in place of the Account holder, please ensure that when signing up for the job, the full name of the person in attendance must be listed*. If another name is used to sign-up for the Bingo, Olympian Swim Club will not be obligated to direct credit to the intended account under this new procedure. 
  3. Bingos can still generate Member Account Credit (MAC) in the order of $75 however, MAC can only be accumulated once the AFC has been completed for the year.
  4. Those signing up for an event with the intention of receiving MAC credit can only do so fourteen (14) days in advance of the event. Prior to this fourteen (14) day period, the sign-up is only available to those members seeking to complete their AFC.
  5. The Bingo Chairperson roles will be filled by those who are qualified. 


*In the case that a different name is used to check-in with the Chairperson, Olympian Swim Club will not be held responsible for lost credit.